In life I think you have two choices. Clearly more choices at the minutia level, like skimmed or semi-skimmed, but two at the approach you take to life. Well, I narrowed it down to two.

One choice is to take comfort in the every day of life, and stay there. Be satisfied that you have 'your lot' and work hard to ensure that you can maintain the status quo and build a wall around your comfort zone. 

Another is to take a big hammer to the wall around your comfort zone, smash it to pieces and clamber through the rubble and dust, taking a certain amount of risk, to see what the other side looks like.

For me, Claire is the person who has helped me to use the big hammer in the best way possible. Since I have known Claire I have set up two successful businesses and taken some steps to make changes in my life that would have been far easier to have ignored.

Claire listens intently and somehow hears what my subconscious is saying as opposed to the words and sentences I form in answer to a deep and probing, albeit lightly put question.

But what is important is that Claire also recognises when to put the big hammer back in the tool box and test the comfort zone. Whilst constantly striving to change and improve is rewarding, Claire helps me to recognise the importance of what is around me and how to use it to bring energy to my next big hammer session.

If you want your life to be balanced with the satisfaction of what you have achieved whilst going on a process to unlock more and more of your potential to meet your future dreams, I would call Claire.

Managing Director


When I first spoke to Claire I had so many ideas and so little time! I would do things that I thought I needed to do, in a very hurried, disconnected and inconsistent way. The sessions helped me focus on what I really wanted to achieve and gave me a huge insight into thinking differently and just how much I could achieve with some focused effort. I am now more focused and determined to get done, what I really need to! And I do it in a more confident way. I cannot thank Claire enough for the wonderful insight and the support and encouragement and her belief in me!

Personal Trainer & Wellbeing Consultant


During my first years of working in the sphere of Learning and Development, Claire’s coaching interventions were invaluable. As a person who lives with General Anxiety, the space to safely be challenged and guided, in a future positive way laid the foundations for a career, which now over 10 years later, has seen me take charge of a Learning and Development department in a complex and challenging environment. My continued stay within this profession is without a doubt, in a large part, due to Claire’s support in those early years. Her coaching provided a light of clarity and focus when I felt as if I couldn’t see the wood from the trees. Her approach is practical and she worked alongside me, drawing out my own answers within, only occasionally providing her own opinions where appropriate and requested. I am approaching the next stage of my career that will require further coaching support and I will be approaching Claire once again for her insightful and stretching coaching expertise and would recommend her unique approach for anybody in need of genuine and committed coaching support.

L&D Professional